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The Button Box specializes in concertinas and accordions. Their concertina lines include Stagi, Concertina Connection, and the Morse brand which they make in their own workshop (and are the ones I play). They also sell used and restored vintage accordions and concertinas, and offer expert tuning and repair service for all of the above.

The Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance builds programs with the objective of transforming the seafood market to one that is locally based and supports local, small-scale fishermen and fishing communities (using sustainable-catch methods).

Family fishermen bring jobs to our communities, a healthy source of food to our plates, and bring the most ecological benefits to our oceans.

cnet Is dedicated to concertinas, concertina music, and anything else related to concertinas. Here you will find forums, buying advise, links, etc. to the concertina world.

The mission of the American Lighthouse Foundation is to save and preserve our nation’s historic light stations and their rich heritage.
This will be accomplished through the restoration, promotion and adaptive re-use of America’s historic light stations, as well as educational initiatives that foster the sustainable preservation of lighthouses and perpetuate the legacy of the men and women who have tended them.

The Lighthouse Preservation Society is the nonprofit organization that has made lighthouse preservation a national issue with Congressional hearings, conferences, the sponsorship of National Lighthouse Day and its celebrations, the nomination of 25 U.S. lighthouse stamps, and the raising of nearly $6 million for over 160 lighthouse projects. This prestigious group is also the recipient of a Presidential Achievement Award from the federal government for its efforts to preserve our lighthouse heritage.

The Fyddeye Guide to America's Maritime History is a unique travel guide available in print, Kindle, and other ebook formats that helps you discover museums, ships, and lighthouses in your town and across the country.

Joe Follansbee founded the Fyddeye website in 2009, and in doing so has created a place for maritime heritage advocates to post information about their efforts to save ships, lighthouses, and historical artifacts related to the life on the water. If you're a supporter of a non-profit maritime heritage organization, you can post your news releases or other information here as well.


I have had the pleasure of working with Maura O'Connell since about 1995 or so. If you haven't heard her yet then you owe it to yourself to do so. Also, if you ever get the chance, see her live. She is a force of nature.


Smith's Master Index to Maritime Museum Websites is where you can find maritime museums anywhere in the world. Wherever you are or may be going, you can look up what is in the area.